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Oregano ID: MK11601
Referral ID: MK11601
DOJ: 26/09/2016
First Name: Gopakumar
Last Name: Chellapan Pillai
Nationality: Indian
Passport No:K501439
Adar/ID No:
Address: Trivandrum , Kerala
Country of Residence: Kuwait
Telephone: 55664979
E-mail ID:
Bank Info: State Bank of India
Other Details:


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I understand that this Agreement will constitute or create, and shall be deemed to constitute or create, any legally binding or enforceable obligation on the part against the company by me.  Such obligation shall be created, except by the execution and delivery of the kind of agreements containing such terms and conditions of the proposed registration agreement as shall be agreed upon by the parties, and then only in accordance with the terms and conditions of such purchase agreement.