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Most of the food products found in your supermarkets are commercially cropped either through the use of pesticides or gown by genetical modifications, both the cases have defied the natural harvest system, and side effects of the most of the pesticides can be toxic to humans and lower animals. It can take a small amount of some toxins to kill. And other toxins that are slower acting, may take a long time to cause harm to the human body and damage organs.

Therefore, Oregano Cares was founded in 2016 as a socially responsible entrepreneurship aiming at producing and marketing high value organic products for local and international markets in an ethical and sustainable manner. We are an innovative, dynamic team determined to give a healthy food habit to everyone. The Oregano Cares brand represents organic products processing business as we care for our environment, our land, and our future. The idea behind Oregano Cares was derived from the wish to offer an alternative to the conventional food industry by distributing clean, natural and healthy food products with guaranteed organic origin, we are committed to creating great tasting organic products through innovative uses of organic superfoods so you can eat better, feel better and live better.

We developed unique brands, creating some of the healthiest and tastiest products which prevent most of the lifestyle illness and control chronic diseases. All our items are made with passion, a strong sense of social-consciousness, and nutrients that are beneficial to your well-being. We strive to make living organically and actively much simpler. We invite you to try some of our products and superfood your day!


Our mission is to always improve life style of the people using nature’s gifts, we take nature’s gifts as inspiration, and blend it will high science and true innovation.

Packed with bio-active phytonutrients that offers unprecedented health benefits.


Oregano works hard to create an opportunity where dreams can be come a true reality for you, family, relatives and friends by simply sharing our organic products. We are bringing natures wellness products and opportunity to partake people in diffrent part of the world.

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Oregano develops its natural world class organic and herbal products with botanical and cutting-edge sciences.